3/28, Fusing Fun-Wee Bit’0 Forest Class


3/28, Fusing Fun-Wee Bit’0 Forest Class


Date: Thursday, March 28th, 10-12:30pm or 5-7:30pm

Glass cutting experience is helpful but not necessary!

This decorative piece is constructed in three different phases.

 -First you will cut different sizes of strips and chunks of tree-trunk colored glass for your tree and build it flat on a fusing shelf.  Then you will cut up small pieces of glass for your foliage. You will then put your tree in the kiln for a full fuse.

 -The second day you (or we) will add the cut up pieces of foliage around the edges for the leaves and then it will be contour fused. We can place the leaves on the fused tree trunk if you can’t or don’t want to come in the next day, however, if you do it will take apx. 15-30 mins.

 -It will then be slumped over a mold to make it a unique stand-along shape.   

Cost includes scrap glass for leaves, frit and three firings.  If you need a specific color for your leaves you will have to purchase that You will also need to purchase the glass for the tree trunk.

Bring:  glass cutting tools, if you have them and glasses. No shorts or open-toed shoes.

Teacher: Roxanne Hanly

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